MAVROVOUNI-Prefecture of Gythio

Mani offers to the visitor projections of magical power. During the endless summer in our country images of happiness, search, human contact, travels and escapes unfold.

Present station of this summer journey is Mavrovouni. It sits only in a short distance from Gythion. It attracts many tourists to its vast sandy beaches, of many awards from the European Union. The cultural richness and the changing surrounding render the journey more comfortable and pleasant. Huge orchards with wells and pools, as well as many contemporary buildings give a sense of prosperity and luxury and astonish the tourist. Within a distance of 2-3km, on the right side, on the road Gythion-Areopoli and in between the Koumaros hill and the river Vardounia, lies the ancient village.

When Zanetos Grigorakis became the Bey of Mani (1782) built on top of the hill an imposing castle-house, the so-called Goulades or Beanika. Next to the castle, he built a temple (Three Hieraches-Ai Jiannis) and a family cemetery, which are still preserved.

Nearby Beanika a new village emerged, which was called Melissi or Zanetoupoli.

Mavrovouni is a wonderful place of destination with fully equipped hotels, taverns, camping areas and many places for the young people.

The beach is a cool attraction. It is sandy, shallow and ready to host games and sports for youngsters and adults. Image of complete relaxation, whereas the olive and orange groves give the chance to those that live in the big cities to enjoy nature.

Mavrovouni belongs to the northern Mani. Although Mani is only a small part of Greece, it has great history. A poor land with rich presence, tradition and contribution to the creation of the Modern Greek Nation. Without fancy signs, without any exaggeration, it follows a steady path in time for centuries taking part in the cultural, social and historical life of the Greek land. The residents are proud and tough; they confronted all kinds of invasions and resisted to foreign influences, maintaining their tradition, religion and character.

Nature gave the best gifts to Mavrovouni. It was privileged with the beauty and royalty of the mountain and the vastness of the sea. All these are gathered in a surrounding that offers rare scenes, a real oasis for relaxation both in spirit and soul.

In that place, every contact with the people and nature is unique. It is always beautiful like the very first time…

Ant. Roumaneas