The Municipal Compartment of Nomitsi is in between the Municipal Compartments of Platsa and Thalames in the Municipality of Lefktro. It is within a distance of 11/2 hours from Kalamata (57km) and 1/2 hour from Areopoli (25km). In 1928, it had 459 inhabitants, in 1991, 162 and today, 116 (census 2001). Village Koumanis belongs to the Municipal Compartment of Nomitsi.

It is built on the foothills of Gaidourovounio looking at the Messinian bay and Koroni. It is a vivid monument of nature and culture; it has abrupt peaks, steep gorges, slippery rocks, rocky groves, and only a few flat parts with sparse olive trees. Its fountains nourished many generations. The paths that used to connect the village to the neighbouring ones bring back old memories. The narrow lanes and the traditional stone houses show the charm of the village. The ruined towers are the proof of a glorious past. Deserted but well-preserved chapels prove the religious feelings of the locals. The church of Aghios Jeorgios, in the centre of the village, was built before 1784. The tall bell tower, which was constructed with Byzantine materials (stones and bricks) is the oldest part of the church that is still preserved, whereas to the other parts there have been renovations from time to time. The wooden temple is said to be constructed by somebody who was a run away. The only tool he had was a knife and he was getting in exchange his everyday meal. The internal part is gorgeous; it is full of frescos with rare representations of the kingdom of God and the life of the Saints. Metamorfosi (11th cent) astonishes the visitor, although it has been plundered many times. Aghioi Anargiri (12th Cent), Ipapadi (14th Cent), Panaghia Jiatrissa (Kabinari) (16th Cent), Aghios Efstratios (Pano Koumani), Aghios Nicolaos, Aghii Theodoroi, etc are all samples of ecclesiastic monuments that thanks to the efforts of the villagers have been renovated and preserved to become places of worship and prayer. Similar places that were not renovated are now ruined and deserted.

The watering of the village was done by the waters of two fountains. Women were going there not only to take water, but also to wash the clothes; the animals were watered there, too. We don’t know exactly when these fountains were constructed.

Important personality of the village was the minister and deputy Jiannis Psarreas. The road Kalamata-Areopoli, health care centres, touristic places and school buildings were built because of him. Nomitsi belongs to Taygetus, but it is under populated. The search of a better luck resulted to the abandonment of the village, which is mostly obvious during wintertime. The area is rich of natural and cultural monuments. It is mandatory to solve main problems of the village in order for the villagers to have better living conditions. The execution of important projects of infrastructure both public and private could help our village.

Our villages can bloom again!

Ant. Roumaneas