In June, Maniates celebrate the anniversary of the historical events of 1826 in Verga Almyrou and Pyrgo Dirou, where the … effectively the Turkish and Egyptian troops of Ibraim giving hope for the Freedom of the Nation.

In this article, we shall report historical information from Diro.

It is the 6th year of the Revolution; the Greek moral is …and so Ibraim grasps the opportunity to attack. Everything we had fought for is about to collapse and Mani is the only region resisting; that’s where the enemy strikes first. In Verga, though, he is ….by the Maniates  soldiers; when he realizes that things are not as he had imagined, he comes up with a clever plan: he sends a big part of the army by boat to Diro, aiming to attack the deserted nest of the wolf

But, he was wrong! He sees women …., had written P Mavromichalis to “Geniki Efimerida” in 1826. “Ibraim heard that in Sparte (Mani) women were carryin g guns too and were as brave as men. But he didn’t believe it. Now, he had the chance to see it himself (…) 500 women with fought against the Arabic troops and many others without guns did their best so as not to appear minor to men. “Where women and children fight, Ibraim shouldn’t hope to win; it was his biggest mistake”

Every year honouring the memory of our grandmothers who bravely fought, we have to attend and in the last Sunday in June (this year in 27.06.2004) in Pyrgo Dirou and a Sunday earlier (in 20.06.04, 11:30am) in Archbishop in Athens (Metropolis) at the statue of Agnostos Stratiotis, where the flags of Mani …in the air.

We should also mention that  there is a 4 days shooting competition in Diro organized by the club A.O Nikandros with president Mr Dimitri Kalfakako.

Summing up the necessary historical review, we come back to the present. In Diro, there is a kindergarden and a three classes Junior school; the director is Ms Stavroula Kiriazakou. Due to the help of the President of the Pedagogic Dpt  Mr Theodoro Exarchako, the school has a perfect structure, whereas several feasts take place there.

We round up the article and of course we will come back so as to read