It is one of biggest local compartments of Gythion Municipality. It consists of the villages Aigies, Malliaris, Sykia and Synora. At the census, in 2001, there were 319 inhabitants. The population has many times changed. In the past, the population either increased or decreased. In 1940, there were 188 inhabitants, in 1951, 250, 1961, 449, in1971, 326, 1981, 302 and in 1991, 291. Aigies is part of the lowland at the Municipality and covers an area of 7.300.000m2. The 6.100.000m2 are cultivated and the rest is pastoral land.

It is on the NW part of Gythion whereas the road Gythion –Sparte passes through the village. In the past, it was called Koutoumou.

The area is of archaeological interest,too. At the place of ancient Aigies (Pano Koutoumou) archaeological findings were located after excavations; part of them is exhibited at the Museum of Antiquities in Sparte. The old name “Hania Koutoumou” has to do with the fact that there were places of relaxation (hania) were people and animals could take temporary rest on their way to Sparte.

A short tour to the village brings us close to its natural beauty and creations of mankind.

The church Metamorfosis is imposing, whereas next to it, there is still the older so called little church. There are many arguments on whether it should be maintained or not. The feast at Metamorfosis day is very important; it is celebrated with special honours, whereas at the same day the Local Cultural Association organises the local feast.

Other important churches are Zoodohos Pigi, Agios Petros and Ai Lias at the cemetery.

The villagers occupy themselves with olive and wheat cultivation and cattle breeding for domestic use. At the area, there is a factory of Kalamata olives processing. 5-6 people are employed, whereas the biggest part of the product is exported.

The area has many subterranean waters that are used to water the plain. The watering system is connected to the springs of Agia Marina at Smynos Municipality.

The basic products of the village are olive oil, edible olives, oranges and honey. The building of the old school is temporarily used by the High school of Professions.

Aigies is a well taken care of village that still maintains big part of its population. There are 2-3 kafeneia and the traditional taverna next to Sotiras church.

It is a magnificent village with beautiful houses, green sceneries, trees, flowers and orchards.

Ant. Roumaneas