Agios Vasileios is a local compartment at Gythion Municipality. It is part of the lowland and consists of the villages Agios Vasileios, Agios Efstratios and Monahis Sikias. The census in 2001 recorded 180 inhabitants, whereas the population is constantly decreasing. In 1940, there were 290 inhabitants, in 1951, 259, in 1961, 268, in 1971, 222, in 1981, 195 and in 1991, 180. It sits on the west side of Gythion, only 2 km from the country road Areopoli-Gythion Sparta. It covers an area of 5.400.000 m2, half of which is cultivated area and the rest pastoral land.

All those attracted to the beauty of nature will not be disappointed when they arrive here. Soon, they will come to the green scenery away from the dull images of the cemented cities. Wandering in the lanes of the village, the visitor feels euphoria and wholeness. He will not come here to discover archaeological sites, historic monasteries or museums, but to enjoy the contact with nature during a short break from the intense rhythms of urban life.

Agios Vasileios church, which is the parish church of the village was built a few years ago. Agia kyriaki, Panagitsa and Ai Jiannis are some of the chapels of the area.

Agios Ioannis is the name of the Cultural Association of the village that organizes on 28th August, on the eve of Agios Ioannis name day, the annual feast.

During summer, the village is full with summer visitors that come back for a few days to their birthplace.

Agios Vasileios and the villages are picturesque places that maintain their local colors. Four-sided tiled roofs, stonewalls, some plastered walls, beautiful houses surrounded by flowers, all very neat and clean. The old vine arbour is also present. The yards of the houses become the cool place to sit in hot summer months. White benches, colourful pots with basil, mint, roses and night flowers. The orchards offer delicious and pure vegetables.

The water comes from the springs at Agia Marina. The basic occupation of the inhabitants is olive cultivation and cattle breeding.

Part of the inhabitants works in Gythion. The young people who are still in the village fight to make ends meet. They never stop looking for new ways that will keep them connected to their birthplace.

Agios Vasileios isn’t a destination for tourists. There are no guesthouses, no coffee shops, no tavernas and bars. However, the beauty of the place is magic and enchants the visitor.

Ant Roumaneas