The centre of the Municipality of Eastern Mani is improving so as to serve its role as the centre of Mesa Mani.

On the one hand, ambitions are now being materialised by the local self-government, and on the other hand, there is important help from the private sector for the development of the surrounding area. Here, in ancient times, the city of Tefthroni enjoyed great prosperity. Monuments prove the past glory. Here, is located the first and oldest dirge of Mani, the so-called “Sosikratia”.

This year’s “Tainaria 2004”, that is the summer cultural events of the Municipality consisted of 5 stations both in culture and entertainment and were attended by many locals and foreigners (they are more extensively mentioned in another part of our hospitable newspaper).

Important projects are now under materialisation in Kotrona; some of them are:

–     The foundation of KEΠ (the public centre for the service of the civilians). The delay is due to poor infrastructure of the OTE network system.

  • The tiling of the beautiful square on the beach of Kotrona, which is embellished by the statue of the admiral Ioanni Demesticha and of the captain Nikiforou in the Macedonian war 1904-1908.
  • The creation of children’s playground in “Kokkinia”, whereas a suitable place is being searched for in order to make a football court 5X5.
  • The buildings of the municipality and the school are being renovated; the need for new offices is mandatory after the foundation and operation of the developmental Company of the program Help in the house, etc.
  • Soon, the installation of a water system will begin, which will connect Kotronas to the drilling of Parasyro-Drosopigi.
  • In 2004, new traditional metal lights will be placed in the central road of Kotronas, supplied by the Municipality…


The Municipality under the guidance of the Mayor P. Tsirigonis tries for the best of the area having successfully created the adequate terms of communication and agreement amongst the municipal counsellors, who are the representatives of all three political combinations that participated in the elections of 2002.

For the development of a region, the contribution of the private sector is also very crucial. New shops and services come to serve our co patriots changing the scene of decline and abandonment. The traditional kafenio-pastry-mezedopolio “Γεύσεις..EN ΠΛΩ” of Antoni Panagakos decorates, since this summer, the beach of Kotronas. The two new mini markets of G. Mpoukouvala and N. Kouzouna were necessary, too.

We round up with the efforts for the development of the ecclesiastic monuments and the organisation of the church of Aghios Charalabos by the 35 years old priest Petro Kassidokosta, who is the father of 5 children. He distinguishes in all fields of life and contribution. He is also part of the commune effort for the development of Kotronas.

J P Dimakogiannis