There is no doubt that the visitor, after 50 km from Kalamata or 30 km from Areopoli, will find himself in a place of exquisite beauty, in one of the most beautiful villages of the Municipality of Lefktron.

It is a fishers’ village; the boats leave the port for short journeys to the sea and come back with many fish, which they give to the picturesque local tavernas both of the village and of the neighboring ones.

The sea is vast and blue, while the fishing boats swing under the sun that is reflected on the water. Simple everyday things that create imaginary images.

Fortunately, human beings have not altered the surroundings. The two-floor traditional houses and the tile roofs are all around the port. It was from this port that people distributed goods to the upper villages. The small tavernas next to the sea have delicious “mezedes”.

Winter is soft and summer is cool, so one can visit the village all year long.

Everyone is having a good time; the visitors-the tourists and the owners of the tavernas, hotels, apartments and small shops with the souvenirs and the objects of folklore art.

Walking along the road on the beach and the narrow lanes, one realizes that everything is balanced. The houses are well taken care of, the people are simple and friendly; different images from the ones we see in the cities. After the sunset the lighted lanes lead us to the restaurants and the tavernas to taste the Greek cuisine.

The beauties are many combining elements from the Greek islands.

The area of Gnospi with the sea caves and the picturesque small church of Agios Thomas constitute the ideal place to relax.

The Pantazi beach full of pine trees is a temptation. It is sandy beach ready to welcome youngsters and grownups.

Next to Pantazi lies the Malsova beach with the picturesque small church of Agios Jiannis Riganas very close to the sea and further aside the spring from the bottom of the sea.

There is also Agios Dimitrios with the pebbles on the beach and Christeas tower, which is a symbol of glory of the past.

Further on there is the cave “Katafigio” with a deep sea and undiscovered beauties. Marbled rocks and stony beaches welcome the summer visitors who come to enjoy the bluish colors of the sea and the primitive site.

Agios Nikolaos can be the starting point for those who want to meet the mountainous area on foot. Old paths made in the past to connect the upper villages to those on the seaside, are now ideal for trekking for all those who want to see the flora and fauna of Mani, the natural constructions as well as the village of Kotroni, Pigi (Lozna) and Platsa.

All those who have not started their vacations yet, can go there now. They will have unique and unforgettable memories.

Ant. Roumaneas