The road to Kardamyli either from Kalamata (38 Km) or Areopoli (42 KM) reveals something unique. One cannot remain indifferent. If we take the country road Kalamata-Areopoli we pass through small villages, inhabited places, while the landscape is gorgeous and unique. The gorges, the mountains and the contact with the beauty of Mani constitute a unique experience.

Kardamyli is one of the main stations. As we go uphill to the old village, we see images of unique beauty, which transfer the visitor to another dreaming reality.

“Agios Spiridon” with the high bell tower is a monument of supreme architecture. It is also a place of worship. After the renovation the complex of “Troupakis” towers became a museum. Many exhibits of historical tradition are hosted there. The history of 3000 years (ancient, Romaic, Byzantine, modern-Greek) has its traces and is the inheritance of younger generations.

Kardamyli, however, does not only have a past. Exploring Kardamyli from the one end to the other, you will discover the ideal place for vacations. It is perfect all year long, even in mid winter. The weather is mild and even more during the summer.

All those who love trekking can walk through Viros gorge, which is a 20 Km walk and is one of the longest and most important gorges of Greece. This is a unique experience.

The area is also excellent for swimming and water sports. Golden beaches, emerald waters and blue shades attract those who visit the place.

The tourist and traditional shops, the antiquaries, the traditional cafés and the picturesque tavernas constitute the web of the village.

There are many hotels, which can satisfy even the most demanding visitors. There are also family apartments, bungalows, rooms fully equipped and surrounded by beautiful gardens. In addition, the beautiful flowers and the bloomy exotic bougainvilleas create moments of relaxation.

There is the appropriate background both for those who are fond of quietness and those who are uneasy.

Past and history intermingle harmoniously with the present and compose a wholeness. Nevertheless, the area is heaving with people. As a consequence, the expansion of the village is necessary. The most important measure to be taken is the application of the construction planning dated in 1874.

For a better future there has to be better use. Will there be?