Built in the rocks of Taygetus, Saidona has a panoramic view to the Messinian Bay. It is considered to be a mountainous village with 236 residents (census of 1991), however the permanent residents are no more than 50. The development of Saidona is connected to the Monastery of Samoili and Vaidenitsa.

In their heyday, both of the monasteries had a considerable number of monks and properties, which they relinquished to the new inhabitants that did not have any other possessions. Today, both of them are abandoned.

In the surrounding area, there is the Temple of Faneromeni and the tower of Captain Kitriniaris, which are remarkable monuments of art and civilization.

The contribution of Saidona to the National Resistance is undeniable. In 27.3.1942, the assault of the “Nea Filiki Etairia” (New Friends Society) with Ilia Noea at head against the Italians was the starting point for the opposition of Saidona against the Germans and the Italians.

Nevertheless, the aftereffect of the civil fray was very crucial. We hope that this will never happen again; but that we all together shall help for the achievement of the national goals. Saidona honored the fighters with a statue.

The road from Kastania leads to Saidona. It was first constructed in 1969 with efforts of the locals. The country road is good enough, whereas an additional gravelling in certain parts would make the access of cars and machines easier.

The water supply is from the sources of Voidenitsa, yet the net is very old and semi destroyed so that big quantities of water are wasted. Its replacement is mandatory. Saidona is the only village with a system of irrigation of the fields.

In the Municipal Compartment of Saidona there is the Agricultural-Olive oil Association with the factory of olive oil production, which is considered to be a prosperous business. There is also the Folklore Museum with remarkable exhibits.

Saidona did not delay to realize the value of the new ways of cultivation, in particular, of organic agriculture. The soul of this attempt is the Austrian Fr. Blauel, who became very fast part of the society. Informing and helping the locals to get accustomed to the organic agriculture, he made an investment of 1.500.000.000 Dr in the Municipality of Pyrgo.

Saidona is a society constructed on values, institutions and politics that support progress, solidarity, cohesion and the planning of new challenges for the new millennium.

P.S We thank Mr Stefanos Xydeas and Konstantinos Xydeas for the above information.

Ant Roumaneas