Today, the oracle of Ino and other statues, which existed in the times of Pausania in Thalames, are only ruins. Even their ancient name is lost, whereas today they are called Koutifari.

In the place of the oracle of Ino there was a Byzantine temple, which was built on the ancient one, but the villagers destroyed this too to use the materials for the construction of a bigger one next to it.

Amongst the stones, there are still broken pillars and other kinds of stones from the oracle.

In that particular area, there are many relics buried in the ground, too. They are hidden, so as not to be taken by the government, but many of them get unfortunately destroyed for other reasons. They told me once that a table of marble was found, which was decorated with all kinds of flowers, but it was hidden, as they were afraid of the government.

I saw with my own eyes a ceramic pot, with a scripture I could not make out. The teacher owned a ring of exquisite beauty that comes from an earring, and shows Zeus naked sitting on a throne under an eagle.  In his right hand, he holds a sphere and in the left a scepter. I suppose that the carving, which is a masterpiece, is made of diamonds.

There is also “the sacred spring”, where from the villagers drink water, but they don’t respect it as sacred anymore.

After all this information, I decided to go to the oracle of Ino myself, which is mentioned not only by Pausania, but also by the traveler Malthelemi. The Primary school was constructed near the oracle for the children from Koutifari, Lagada. When they were building the school, they found a scripture, which is placed in the school. I didn’t have much time to devote to it. I am just mentioning some letters of it  “ΑΥΤΟΙΣ ΙΣΟΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΑΝ. ΟΙΚΙΑΣ ΕΙΣ ΚΤΗΣΙΝ…ΑΠΟ ΠΑΣΙΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ ΠΡΟΣΕΝΕΠΕ ΟΝΤΟΣ ΝΙΚΗΦΟΡΟΥ..ΕΠΙ ΕΥΡΥΚΛΕΟΥΣ ΔΑΜΟΙΑ.”

On top of the Byzantine temple, there is a small olive grove. In there, there are pillars covered with stones and earth, so as not to be seen and recognized by those who don’t know it. Above the Koutifari village, on a small hill, I was told that there is a fortress, which is called “Meligou”. As it seems, it was built in this spot due to the existence of a steep hill, to protect the Slavs Miligi, who had rebelled during the Byzantine Rule.