It sits on the northern part of Vitylo bay and in the past it was called “Mikro Algeri”. It consists of 60 inhabitants (census 2001) and is part of the Municipal Compartment of Vitylo. The fact that many Ionic and Doric capitals have been found in the area and in the sea bottom proves that the place has been dwelled since the ancient times.

Karavostasi is a fast growing area, where the combination of sea and mountain attracts the visitor. Following the bypass on the road Kardamyli-Areopoli we arrive at the village surrounded by olive trees. The farming activities (farming, cattle breeding, fishing) have been till now the only occupation of the remaining locals, as many of them left for the big cities looking for employment. Many of them made headway and some of them returned to the village taking advantage of the attraction of the place to the tourists due to the geomorphologic characteristics. Luxury and simplicity. The smell of the sea sweeps along the scent of thyme, whereas, at the same time, the sea breeze gives a sense of refreshment in the summer heat.

Old houses, others preserved and others renovated as well as new ones have as basic characteristic the use of stone. The patios with stony floors and covered by vine trees become small oasis. Hotels, and apartments, taverns and places for entertainment are waiting for the visitors. Apart from the natural beauty, Karavostasi has the ideal climate, cool in summer, when the sea breeze refreshes the visitor and mild winter. Wandering around the village, one will, certainly, hear the sound of hammers or see all kinds of construction equipment. The beautiful beaches, the picturesque surrounding, the cool climate and the wonderful sunlight that embellishes the sweet memories give to the place an attractive air which is powerful for those living there or just visiting. Immigration played an important role and many houses lie there abandoned; nevertheless, the villagers had faith that their village has a prosperous future. This is guaranteed by their love, interest and passion for it.

Ant Roumaneas