The Municipal Depar-tment of Kryoneri, Municipality of Oitylo, consists from the settlements Kato Karea (Balavista) and Kryo-neri since 1996 untill 1998 when it was jointed to the com-munities of Oitylo, Germa, Karea and Neo Oitylo. So we have the (small) Municipality of Oitylo which jointed the (big) Municipality of Oitylo.

Kryoneri is built at the foot of a hill, surrounded by plane trees and springs with fresh water. There are 200 inhabitants in the department and the main occupation is the culture of olive tree as well as the domestic cattle breeding.

It is only 4 kilometers far from Oitylo and it belongs to the Aposkieri Mani (shady Mani), in the central strategic area with the old and important centres of Oitylo and of Kelefas, facing the Mylolagados  seaside. This bright green dale traverse the inland area with the picturesque villages Karea, Kryo-neri, Germa and the Convent of Tsigos, ends at the safe bay of Oitylo, the main and important port of the peninsula through the centuries.

The small fields and the houses made of stone are raised around the church of Prophet Ilias and the church of Virgin Mary composing the village centre. The authenticity of the landscape, combined with the historical tradition of the area reveal one more precious view of the dominion of Mani.

The most important problem is the watering of the village especially during the summer. Recently, a drilling has been done near the bridge. As it was unfit to drink they did not continue to develop it. Another drilling realized by Mr. Tsapatsari Kon., ex Secretary of the Community, proved that there are sufficient quantities of water, and after the chemical analysis they can make use of it.

The rural road con-struction is good enou-gh, and after certain improvements of main-taining, it will be safer. The road that leads to Georgokaraka needs to be covered with a new asphalt covering, because the damages at the edge of the road make it very dange-rous. There is a transport service to Gythion twice a day (in the morning and in the midday) by the buses of the Prefecture of Lakonia, during the school year. The rest of the year it is related to Gythion only once a day. As it belongs to the mountain region there must be done a strong, joint and continuous effort to achieve the resolution of the problems and so to keep a part of the young people of the region in place.

Antonis Roumaneas