Trahila is a region with many caves. The village is built over the caves. The residents love deeply their motherland. There is a Cultural Association of Trahiliotes very active with many young people as members, who make efforts for the development of the standard of living and the cultural level of the residents. For example, they restored the Old Primary School (of 19th century) by their own means and it became the cultural center of the village. During the summer, every year, they organize manifestations keeping the local and religious traditions.

At the census of Mars 2001, there were 175 registered at the Municipal Department of Trahila.

The main road connecting the village to the other Municipal departments of the Municipality of Lefktron was opened up on in the early Τ70.

Before that, there was only the maritime way of transport or the rural pathways, connecting the villages between them.

The reconstruction of the village begun after the road opening up, because   the access to the village was easier. Some new house was built up and some old ones were restored. But the road is still dangerous. The rocks are ΤhangedΥ over the road putting in danger the life of the travelers. Some recent interventions were not very important.  On the contrary, the danger is bigger now because of the explosive materials that provoked new cracks in the rocks. So when it is raining, big pieces of rocks can be detached and fall on the passing cars.

In the ΤinformativeΥ brochure of the Municipality of Lefktron (as it is self-called) in the issue of February 2001, there is an article under the title Τannual report of the year 2000Υ referring that there was a budget of 90.000.000dr. For the improvement of the road   Agios Nikolaos – Agios Dimitrios – Trahila. In the issue of April, where there is the technical program of the year 2001 of the Municipality, for this same road there is a budget of 40.000.000 dr.  There is a reduction of 50.000.000dr. We must notice that now the year 2001 is ending and the works neither have nor even started.

As we have already mentioned, there many caves at the region. During the winter months, when there is heavy sea, it soaks into the caves which are under the coastal road causing subsoil erosion, and there danger for the houses to fell down, especially at the region Argyreika. The residents addressed to the Municipal and Prefectural authorities several times exposing their problem but without any result. The one transfer the problem to the other.

Another serious problem for the residents during the winter time is the lack of medical care during the week-end because the rural doctors are not on duty the week -ends in our region.

When the problems are not faced seriously and effectively, the consequence is the dissertation of the villages, and that has repercussions on all of us.