It is a local Compartment at Gythion Municipality. It consists of the villages Sidirokastron, Mesohorion, Polyaravos, Skamnitsa and Skyfianika.

It belongs to the alpine zone and covers an area of 34.200.000m. The population has often fluctuated: 800 inhabitants (1940), 564 (1951), 451 (1961), 266 (1971), 181 (1981), 200 (1991) and 163 in the last census of 2001.

Sidirokastro is built on the hill with view to the vast horizon. Last summer, the fire threatened the village, but due to the coordinated efforts of the fire brigade and the villagers it was stopped.

The church Agia Kyriaki dedicated to the saint that protects the village is honoured on the 7th July.

Polyaravos has recently been transferred to the North. It is connected to Sidirokastro, whereas in order to arrive to the old village one has to walk through the traditional cobbled lane. The houses are built with stones on Ziziali hill, but they are now deserted. There are also many towers whereas Stathakos tower remains a symbol of struggle and sacrifice. Ibrahim was defeated at this place when after his failure in Verga and Diros, he attempted to subjugate Mani attacking from the east side.

At Panagia church (14th cent), there is the memorial from Polyaravos battle. Every year, on 15th August they celebrate the event with the participation of the representatives of the state and many people.

Skyfianika pops out from the coomb. It is very green and there are chestnut trees everywhere. The churches Agios Athanasios and Agios Nicolaos with the rare frescos denote the religious feelings of the inhabitants. There are many tower residencies, whereas those of Apostolakos and Pygadiotis family are really particular.

The group of the fighters that helped Maniats to the fight against Ibrahim set off from this village.

In all these places, life has been difficult, hard, and tiring. For this reason a big part of the population immigrated to big cities or abroad. Although, they may have lost the glory of the past, these villages are full of life in summertime when people originating from the area come back for holidays. The initiation of the cultural associations is important as they organise events that reinforce the bonds amongst them and tighten the social relations.

Ant. Roumaneas