Prosilio Smynou is a local compartment of Smynou Municipality. Following the roundabout road that leads from Melitini to Archontiko and after crossing the village Lemonia, we come to Prosilio. It’s a sunny village covered by sun all day long; of course, it owes its name to its position. On the marble fountain of the village, there is a built-in statue, which was found in the area. Starting from this spot the visitor can go to the Princess Cave and other antiquities down at Smynos River.

The village has panoramic view to the gorge of river Smynos, which, during the last few years, is a place of visit of Walking Clubs and individual hikers. The view, at the square of the village, towards Prophet Elias is wonderful.

Prosilio belongs to the semi alpine zone of the Municipality and covers an area of 4,5 km2, of which the 2,9km2 is cultivated land and the rest is pastoral land either private or public. At the census in 2001, there were 168 inhabitants, in 1940, 383 inhabitants, in 1961, 251 inhabitants, in 1971, 147 inhabitants, in 1981, 164 and in 1991, 104.

The sacred temple of the Assumption Of the Virgin is the parish church of the village. The external walls are elaborate and meticulous, whereas inside there are plenty of impressive frescos.

The villagers are sociable, hospitable and quiet. They occupy themselves with olives, citrus fruits and domestic cattle breeding.

The beauty of the landscape is generous, exciting all the senses. Forests with oak trees, plane trees, bushes, and big variety of flowers with many colours compose a landscape of exquisite beauty amongst the few houses and the vastness of nature.

Beautiful village that lives away from Gods and men within simplicity based on the soul of the few inhabitants. A village of great beauty with the ornaments of the place, which are all very beautiful but most of them poor and abandoned in their destiny. The images succeed one another; staying is possible in the neighbouring villages; serenity is the rule not the exception, whereas natural nutrition replaces technology.

The area has especially rich and diverse natural environment, as it shows rich geomorphology with intense contradictions.

Superimposing mountains caves and gorges, rivers, impressive landscapes give the opportunity to the visitor to explore the gorges, the caves and the waterfalls of River Smynos learning at the same time the wonderful variety of the flora generally in the area.

Antonis Roumaneas