Ageranos is the community of the Municipal Compartment Neochorion Gythio. It is built on a small peninsula, which is related, by mythology to Achilles and his son Pyrros. It consists of 14 inhabitants (census 2001). It used to be the headquarters of Antonobey Grigorakis who is the 5th Bey of Mani (1803-1808), whereas three members from the Grigorakis family became Beys, whose leadership lasted for 26 years. The fortress (a complex of towers), which belonged to Antonobey and the church of Taxiarches immediately attract the visitor’s interest. The main road as well as three other towers that belong to Antonobey’s relatives follow. All the constructions are 200 years old. The traditional features of the buildings are not only external. As one crosses the threshold, one sees the tradition alive in the interior parts, too.

The village is now a secondary place of residence. As in all the villages of the area, there is scarce cultivation of the land.

Nature has left its traces generously in this village. Picturesque beaches with blue waters. A resort endowed with a long sandy beach. This part of Mani is very green; bushes and big oak trees cover the cliffs. New guesthouses suddenly appear in many places of the community, so as to satisfy the increasing demands of the summertime visitors. Stone houses, rooms to rent, traditional and modern hotels, and well-organized camping places surround the area up to the hill. The view is outstanding, however towards the sea the image changes. Here the ground is level and the buildings are bigger. The entire place creates a sense of warmth and affinity. To the parts where the landscape is broader, the land is calmer and it surrenders to the orange and olive trees.

Mystifying monuments for defense against the pirates and aspiring conquerors, towers, proud constructions, all imposing and prestigious, offer special moments of calmness and peacefulness reminiscing past times.

The community has an increasing tourist flow. The natural beauties, the friendly atmosphere, the various and quality services guarantee a pleasant stay. If someone wants to do something more active, Gythion is close by and so one can also enjoy the intense nightlife, the rich artistic activities and the cultural events.

Ant. Roumaneas