LOCATION Π HISTORY Π MONUMENTS: The picturesque village Milea appears through the fresh gorge, with its stony houses and the narrow streets, mountaineering towards the Taygetos mountain rocks. During the Turkish domination, here, was the Episcopacy seat (Milea and Kastania) and Captaincy seat too. The first Bey was Panagos Kyvelos. Theodoros Kolokotronis lived here for three years, during his boyhood with his uncle Anagnostis and his brothers Giannis and Christos (they bought them both and took them back from Turks). His father, Konstantis Kolokotronis, was inhumed here after he has been butchered by the Turks. The churches: Metamorphosis, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Ioannis, Kimisi Theotokou (Dormition of Virgin Mary), Agia  Anastasi / Resurrection/ (Analipsis / Assumption), Agios Georgios, are the places of worship and prove the high religious sentiments of the residents. At the far end, the Monastery of Panagia Giatrissa appears a Sacred place of pilgrimage for Maniates. The towers of Giatrakos family ruined now, of Kakarouka, Routzounis, Giannakourou, etc. maintained and restored, their presence stamps the history of Mani.


According to the census of 1928, the number of residents in the settlements of Milea at that time, per community, was:  Dagrianika 341 residents,  Grabelia  82, Kato Hora 192 and Xanthianika 241. Today there are 363 residents at the municipal district of Milea (census of 2001) (census of 1991 = 195 residents). There is an increase in population of 168 residents. Their main occupation is the olive grow and the cattle breeding. They also have market gardens for their own use and to increase the family income.

ROAD CONSTRUCTION:   The village is at 15 km away from the main road. The first part of 5-6 km is a recently asphalt road way and it is in a good condition. The rest part of the road needs to be maintained, the dangerous turns have to be opened,   the bushes obstructing the visibility of the drivers to be cleaned up, and to asphalt it.  A  second connecting road with the region of Plats is, one more time, send to the calends, because the  relative study was send back from the Region of Peloponnese  to the Prefectural self-government of Messenia because it has to be completed. This is a 40 years work. The works to the third part, which will connect the region to the monastery of  Giatrisa and the region of Inner Mani (Municipality of Sminou), have already began, but nobody knows when it will be ready. All these works of the three road axis are very important and, when they will be ready, they will contribute to the development of this mountainous area.

WATER SUPPLY:  The water supply of the area is from the local sources of Diros. The network is very old and in several parts is destroyed.  A great part of the tubes is made by asbestos cement, which is dangerous for the residentsΥ health. The reevaluation of the water from 10 to 70 drachmas per m3 and the charges which are 3.000dr. Imposed by the Municipal authority of the region (1999), roused feelings of chagrin and indignation of the residents, because they donΥt see any changing measures.  We refer to this matter again hopping that they will take some drastic measures. We must note that the water supply works were performed with the residents personal work offer, about 40 years ago and the cost of the works was almost negligible.

MUNICIPAL SCHOLL Π PUBLIC AREAS Π PLAYGROUND: The maintenance works have recently started at the Primary school. We hope they will end soon and the local community will take the decision about its use.

The garbage must be carried away from the public areas, places, roads connecting the settlements between them.

At Xanthianika community, Belitsakou brothers, with their own expenses, constructed a playground. Let’s hope that other people will follow them.

PROPERTY OF THE REGION Π CULTURAL EVENTS: The garbage collection is only once a week and that is insufficient. Recently there is a Cultural Association of   Milianites living in Athens Panagia Giatrisa. We give them our wishes to achieve their targets for the good of their motherland.

The natural beauty of Milea, with its idyllic locations, the many temples and their development can be the attracting points for the visitors. We have this obligation to the memory of the eminent child of Mani, the literary man Nikita Nifakis.

Antonis Roumaneas