Platsa is located   55 km far from Kalamata. Today, here is the seat of the municipal district of the municipality Lefktron.  The other settlements are Pigi and Kotroni.  Other time, here was the seat of the bishop, the captaincy Zygos (the captains came from Hristeas family) and seat of the historical municipality of Lefktron (1835-1912).  It was an important trade center until the end of the last century and the residents of the mountainous area came here for their business.  There are many important Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments all around the area: Agios Nikolaos  at Kampinari,  Agios Ioannis, Agia Paraskevi, Agios Antonios, Agios Dimitrios, Agii Pantes, Ypapanti, etc. with wonderful  frescos which prove the religious sentiments of the inhabitants. There are still some cobbly tracks which connected the settlements and guided to the port. From the port they could take the motor-boats to transport their goods to Kalamata.


On 1829 there were 1425 residents.  On 1928, 568 residents. On 1991, 311 and on 2001 373. Most of the residents are pensioners. The main occupation of the residents is the olive grove and the cattle breeding.


There were two technical projects concerning the reformation of the pavements but there was not any progress. The two central places of Agios Ioannis and Kimisis heotokou have to be maintaining because here take place the social events. The potholes and the broken piece of cement prove the indifference and the abandonment. Last year, the floodlights were installed to light Ι what?

The half part of the old primary school some other time was used as communal office and now is abandoned too. The building of the high-school recently restored with a cost of 2.500.000dr. has remained closed. There were some proposals to be used for the accommodation of the formative arts or the nursery school, without any result.


The rural road has been maintained imperfectly, and there were not any other opening during the last 3 — years. The road Platsa Milea has not been finished and the road connecting Platsa to Agios Dimitrios is in a very bad condition. We have heard that there will be some interventions but nothing more.


Some time ago, the water main of the region was connected to the bore of Agios Nikolaos.

Apart the increased transportation cost, because of the difference of altitude. The residents ask why there is not a secondary water main with potable water from the Viros springs as it happens to the other municipal districts of Neohorio, Agios Nikolaos, Riglia where there are external drinking fountains, and the existing one which is brackish could be used for domestic use only.

The municipal district of Platsa is one of the greater six districts of the Municipality of Lefktron.

We do not know how the decision concerning the appropriation of funds   is taken. No important work has been executed during the last 3, 5 years in the area. Why?

Antonis Roumaneas