Famous and very old village, Pyrrihos, can prove that he has always being inhabited since the ancient times till today.

During the last century is known under the name Kavalos.

Pyrrihos is the siege of the community of Gythio district, at the eastern Mani.

According the Archeologist, the ancient town is at Paliopyrgos. There was the acropolis of the ancient Pyrrihos. Many monuments, holly places, public edifices, residences, aqueduct, etc.  At the east-southern side of the settlement there are ancient and medieval fortresses, at Kastraki place, supervising the access to the ancient Tethroni (Kotronas).

At the higher place there is the Palace Π a natural grove. If we study carefully the life in Mani we can see that there is a continuity of the Hellenic tradition.

Some more information about Pyrriho. Pafsanias reefers that here was the place of the Aphrodite Temple and Amzoniou Apollona.

The first resident of Pyrrihos is Silinos who also constructed the well of the Market. He took his name from Achilles son Pyrro.

There is reference to the village Pyrrihos or Kavalos to the newest sources since 1618.  On 1929, is definitely named Pyrrihos and belongs to the old Municipality Tethronis and since 1912 to 1998 was a separate Municipal District with Himara.

Today, Pyrrihos is only the ΤshadowΥ of the old one. There are only a few residents and many problems. The water supply was installed just the last year.

The main occupation is the cattle breeding and some olive trees.

Some years ago the produced the famous wine from their vineyards.

The last Kafenio is now closed.

Thanasis Skaleos, the President of the Local Council, has the intention to open it again to animate the village life.

The visitors of the village are the professor of Pantios, Dimosthenis Daskalakis, the doctor Petrow Vas. Vlasiarakos with his excellent family (his father Vasilis was philologist and high school director), etc.

Ending our brief report to the village we will mention the churches. Agios Georgios, at Trikefali. They say that the name Trikefali is due to the three kefalia heads, the Turkish put on to frighten the citizens.

Not far away there is the old cemetery and close there is the megalithic settlement.

The big church of Pyrrihos is Panagia , a nice edifice of the last 100 years.

Other churches are: Agia Triada, Agios Dimitrios, Agios Nikolaos, Panagitsa, Prophet Elias, etc.

Now, at Pyrrihos, is the Priest Panagiotis Zagoriannakos.