The Municipal Compartment Kentro (Gaitses) of Avia Municipality consists of the traditional villages, Voreio, Anatoliko, Hora and Kentro. It is built on mountain Taygetus and has 353 inhabitants (census 2001). It is 10 km away from Kabos Municipal Compartment, which is the centre of Avia Municipality.

Monuments. There are many and significant monuments all around the area. The temple Agios Nicolaos (14th cent) in Voreio, Panagia Helmou in Hora, Pamegistoi Taxiarhes in Biliova, Prophet Elias, etc. They are all samples of Byzantine and post Byzantine architecture with noteworthy frescos, but also signs of abandonment and desolation. The Ministry of Culture started renovating Agios Nicolaos, whereas they restored some parts of Taxiarhes church, after the interference of the villagers, in order to protect the church from bad weather conditions and time.

Ridomo gorge, which is of exquisite beauty, has no reason to be jealous of the other natural beauties of our country. It begins at the foothills of Prophet Elias and ends up to Santava beach. The only thing done is the placement of signs and hooks on the rocks for the climbers.

The protection of the gorge will make it a pole of attraction for tourists to the area.

Watering. The compartment is watered by the natural fountains “Mana and Vrysoules” as well as by water found during the opening of the gorge. The exploitation of the natural fountains will help the water problem of the area. The main demand of villagers is to secure the water.

Transportation-Country roads. There are KTEΛ buses twice a week, but they do not cover all the villages. The cooperation to ameliorate the road Kentro-Tseria for better access to Kardamyli and the sea, as well as the connection with the Municipal Compartment Pigadia (now there is only a path) would help to the development of the area.

The country roads are in a good condition, but in some parts they are slanting, so in winter there is erosion of the ground. The Municipal authorities put concrete in some parts of the road.

Quarry. This is an issue that occupies the area for more than 10 years. Should or shouldn’t be a quarry at Artos, which is north of Voreio. Lack of seriousness regarding this problem has raised public reaction. A serious conversation would give solution to the problem of production of aggregate materials in Mani.

Occupation. People are occupied with olive cultivation, orchards, professional and domestic cattle breeding. The fire in 90s burnt thousands of square meters of green and olive trees cutting a big part of their income. The Municipal Compartment as well as the rest of the alpine areas have many problems. Long-term programming for development and amelioration of the area in relation to natural beauties and the dry climate could be a pole of attraction for foreign and Greek travellers.


Antonis Roumaneas