Tseria is one of the Municipal Compartments of Lefktron Municipality. It is built on the foothills of Taygetus with view to the blue sea. Although 258 inhabitants are registered (census 2001), the permanent ones are only 103.

Tseria consists of 6 villages. 1. Pano Tseria, which is the centre. The church ofTaxiarhes (1800), which is a sample of high architecture and art is predominant. 2. Pedino or Katsimareika, 3. Giatreika, 4. Zaharias or Libohova, 5. Katafygi or Kopsolemaika and 6. Leftini.

It is a mountainous region, where the traces of abandonment, depopulation and desolation are obvious. 80% of the locals are more than 70 years old. However, there are also some foreigners (mostly Europeans), who live there permanently.

There are many problems. The roads are not in a good condition. There are no public means of transportation inside the Municipality, whereas in order to go to Kalamata there is KTEΛ bus twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). The community road Tseria-Kentro connects the village to Avia Municipality. The road that connects the 6 villages is in a very bad condition. In fact, there is lack of country roads and the existing ones are wild and not well maintained.

The area is watered by the fountains of Viros and Leftinio. The water is collected in a tank right above the village and then it is distributed to the villages through a central pump station. However, there is a big cost, whereas the higher villages do not have much.

Tseria along with the other 14 mountainous villages of Lefktron Municipality is part of Taygetus.

The towers, the Byzantine churches, the deserted castles bring back memories of a civilisation that flourished in this rugged mountain.

It is the duty of the society to find solutions to these problems.

The initiative, the study of the problems and the propositions are the responsibility of the Municipality. Make haste! Time is running…

Ant. Roumaneas