Karea is a Municipal compartment of Vytilo Municipality that consists of the villages Karea and Boutselianika. It is part of the mountainous zone of Vytilo Municipality and covers an area of 4000000m2 at an altitude of 540m above sea level. The population scale has often changed during the last 60 years. According to the census recordings in 1940, there were 176, in 1951, 144 inhabitants, in 1961, 95, in 1971, 52, in 1981, 81, in 1986, 86 and in 2001, 91. The name of the village possibly comes from the chestnut trees surrounding the area. The village is traditional with old and new houses built on the hillside. The church of Agios Nicolaos is imposing. The central square with the big fir-tree offers a view to the surrounding villages. Walking up, we come to another square with plenty of running water coming from an underground spring that offers refreshment and relaxation to the visitor.

The landscape consists of piles of stones, which are remnants of old houses. There are, of course, the new houses built in the green surroundings that lighten the image of the infertile and hard land.

More and more people want to share the beauty of the nature. So, they come back to their birthplace. The writer, journalist and chronographer Jeorgios Tsibidaros originates from this village. He was known by his nickname Jeorgios Fteris. His brother Vasilis Tsibidaros (captain Tsibidas) was the commander of Captain Germas’ military troop who fought for the liberation of Macedonia. He was killed on 16-07-1907 at Losnitsa in Kastoria.

The area has suffered from the fires that broke out last August.

Those who have the authority should take care of the people’s fair demands.

Ant. Roumaneas