Municipal compartment of Vytilo Municipality. It consists of the villages Germa and Avramianika. It is built 300 meters above sea level and has 51 inhabitants (census 2001), whereas in 1991, it had 57 and in 1989, 203. It consists of 10 small villages built on Taygetus slopes. It is watered by natural fountains, whereas the climate is dry and healthy. Close to Germa, there is the derelict during the Turkish Occupation village called Kolliazi. In the village, there is the temple Metamorphosis tou Sotiros, which is an old Christian construction. In addition, there is the Byzantine temple Agios Nicolaos (11th Century), which is decorated with built-in marbles and wonderful frescos.

On the churchyard, there is a monument devoted to the heroes of Germa, as well as two busts of the Macedonian heroes captain Germa and captain Lia. Their contribution to the struggle against the Bulgarians was significant. Nicolaos Tsotakos (captain Germas) served as a lieutenant at the army at Trikala. He came to Macedonia with 50 men (mostly Maniats). The commander was Vasilios Tsibidaros (captain Tsibida) and the chieftain was the sergeant Theodoros Madouvalos (captain Taygetus). The purpose was to take revenge for the death of their compatriot captain Litsa (lieutenant Antoni Vlahaki). He met with captain Zaka (lieutenant Greg. Falireas) at Losnitsa, in order to organise their plan; however, they were betrayed by the Bulgarians. This was the place were the 300 soldiers of Leonida had fought in ancient Greece. At this cruel battle of 16th July 1907, captain Germas, Vasilios Tsibidaros and 23 soldiers died. 11 severely injured were arrested.

Captain Germas was a heroic figure; although he didn’t write history, he led exceptional lads to an act of self-sacrifice. To honour Tsotakos, Losnitsa was renamed as Germa.

The newspaper “ΘΑΡΡΟΣ” of Kalamata (issue 2536, 24th July 1097) wrote amongst others about Zaka and Germas:

“It is with great sorrow that the city of Kalamata-the centre of Messinia and Laconia hears about the death of those heroes. It was like a thunder that devastated the city. It wasn’t the size of the loss but the unexpectedness of the event. 50 soldiers from Taygetus and Ithomi were massacred during the defence of their brothers and beliefs…” (The contribution of Mani at the Macedonian War 1904-1908, by Dikaios V. Vagiakakos).

Ilias Hionakos (captain Lias) participated too at the battle of Losnitsa. He was heavily injured, but he survived and took part in the following wars. When he was demobilized, he was already major general. He was honoured repeatedly with medals for his contribution to the National struggles.

To the south part of Germa, just before Kelefa, there is the monastery of Panagia Spileotisa that was recently renovated. Now the church is like an eagle’s nest built inside the rocks that surround the Mylolagado gorge. The access to the monastery is via country road.

The scene is of exquisite beauty, whereas human interference brought out the beauty of the place.

Germa is a beautiful place that has no reason to be jealous of other places. Apart from the impressive natural beauty, the villagers play an important role to the development of the place. People are serious, honest, with dignity, whereas their life is connected to nature and farming.

Antonis Roumaneas