Marathea is a local compartment at Gythion Municipality. It consists of the villages Marathea, Nea Marathea, Diros and Kouloukas. At the census in 2001, 107 inhabitants were recorded. In the past, the village was densely populated, whereas in 1950 and 1960, it was affected by immigrations, along with the other villages of Mani. In 1940, there were 359 inhabitants and in 1951, 301. It belongs to the lowland of the Municipality and covers an area of 9.900.000m2. The 2.300.000m2 are cultivated areas and the rest is pastoral land.

From the very first moment, you look at the beautiful village that hangs from the hillside, 3 km from the intersection of the road Areopoli-Gythion you are enchanted.

“Gennisi tis Theotokou” is the parish church of the village, whereas at the other side there is Agios Constantinos chapel. Both churches prove the skills of the handymen as well as the need of the local people to communicate with God. Simple and plain without fancy ornaments.

At the central square of the village there is a fountain that was built in 2003 for the travellers. It was donated by Themistocles Sarelakos, whereas next to it they planted a plane-tree to make shadow and keep the place cool.

There are many stone houses; amongst them there is Zebekos tower.

A traditional guesthouse is about to welcome the visitors of the village.

The combination of tranquillity and sweetness expressed by the constructions in combination to the dense vegetation and the olive groves of the surrounding area excite the visitor.

Marathea used to be a central village; it is built in a green landscape full of beech trees, oak trees, chestnut trees, olive trees and many others that create the ideal refuge for those who want live unforgettable moments in nature.

The village is well taken care of and clean with the traditional colours and scents. The relationships amongst the villagers are human and fellow caring, whereas the neighbours always reach the hand to give or take. This is a big thing nowadays!!!

Antonis Roumaneas